Explore public art in Indiana.

Take a tour of some of the highlights of Indiana and experience our rich architectural heritage.

Welcome to Art in Indiana.

Take a virtual tour of just some of the highlights of southern Indiana and you will want to visit and experience our rich architectural heritage for yourselves. We are proud of our illustrious aesthetic tradition-one that descends from great masterpieces of different time periods and far flung global regions.

Art majors in Art in Indiana (Art 490) and Honors students in the Western Tradition in Art history (Humanities 221 and 222) at the University of Southern Indiana located buildings deriving from famous historical examples as well as others representing different styles and periods, including those of ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle ages (especially the Romanesque and Gothic periods), and the Baroque. Our community also boasts internationally acclaimed Post Modern and Native American monuments, as well as buildings showing Nonwestern influences from Africa and Asia.

Take the tour and let us dazzle you with the aesthetic wonders of our area. Enjoy!

Hilary Braysmith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Art History

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